Celebrity In Chief

It’s the night of the Grand Ball in Versailles Palace, and anyone who is anyone will be there, hobnobbing and photo-oping with the increasingly cozy elites of the news media and national politics (my invitation was lost in the mail this year).

The White House Correspondents’ dinner began in 1920 as a relatively modest affair, but with the ever-growing profile and power of the federal government, combined with the fanatical celebritization of the Executive Office since 2008, the event has since ballooned into one of the nation’s most extravagant and widely covered red-carpet star-gazing events.

Renowned foreign-policy expert Sofia Vergara arrives at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Source: CNN).

If you’re truly interested in the full list of celebrity attendants, you’ll have to get it from CNN because… screw you.

But before closing the door on this wretched display of sycophants and status seekers, one interesting phenomenon worth mentioning is the cottage industry of faux criticism and introspection now accompanying the event, primarily appearing on the same leftist outlets affording it the most hype and publicity. In addition to being a form of publicity in itself, these staged discussions function as safe-outlet Potemkin Villages for any would-be actual critics or reformers.

“See? We may be promoting this crap… but we feel really bad about it… and isn’t that what matters?”

Remember – you’re free to complain as long as nothing actually changes.


One thought on “Celebrity In Chief

  1. I read a Drudge story a couple days ago about how many of those in Hollywood are reluctant to attend. Apparently publicists have to warn clients that they will be pawed at and gawked at by these “statesmen.” I can’t find the article right now, but someone flashed her boobs at Ben Affleck, and he vowed to never return.

    The story surprised me in that I assumed all these fevered egos would recognize themselves in each other, but apparently even the power hungry are reduced to tittering school girls in the presence of “glamor.”

    Quite revealing, in any case.

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