Ignore Hobby Lobby Case; Harris v. Quinn Is Where the Action Is

Today, the Supreme Court is scheduled to release two decisions. There is the case everyone will be talking about – Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius, which doesn’t matter – and Harris v. Quinn, which could upend the union landscape across the country.

In all likelihood, the Hobby Lobby case won’t affect you or anyone you know. For those it will affect, it will make essentially no difference in their day to day lives. It focuses on the extremely narrow issue of whether a few companies so stupid as to conflate contraceptives with abortion have to pay for them under the Affordable Care Act. This case is getting all the media attention because Obamacare, and Sebelius, and religion, and abortion.

Harris v. Quinn could impact the lives of everyone in this country by radically restructuring how unions are allowed to operate. At issue is whether unions may compel representation and coerce dues from those who don’t want to be union members. It impacts free speech rights, free association rights, and could significantly affect how many workforces in the U.S. operate, not to mention your municipal tax bill.

So pay attention today to the case that matters, and don’t be trolled into mistaking Hobby Lobby for a case that does.


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