What is the “New Versailles”?

The “New Versailles” refers to a thriving class of social and political elites who exercise ever-increasing control over the lives of American citizens. Its chateau houses progressive politicians, academics, and organizers under a shared paternalist vision of stewardship over the masses. Beneath a tapestry of “social justice” doublespeak, the corrupting influences of power, privilege, and status drive an emboldened aristocracy to curtail what precious few liberties remain in the United States in the name of some greater social good.

Who can post on TNV blog?

TNV blog is a marketplace of ideas for libertarians, conservatives, Objectivists, and other free-thinking individualists who oppose the growing influence of collectivism in the United States. However, people of all political and philosophical persuasions are welcome to post and challenge the ideas they find here.

What are the goals of TNV blog?

  • Promote ideas in furtherance of liberty, individualism, and limited government
  • Identify and confront progressive encroachment
  • Develop realistic strategies for reversing the trend of expanding government
  • Work toward dismantling the New Versailles

What are the rules for posting?

Standard blog rules against unauthorized use of intellectual property, pornographic content, any form of criminal activity, spamming, and trolling apply.

This blog encourages good-faith debate between participants.While moderation will only be used as a last resort, repeat intellectual dishonesty (for example, deliberate misrepresentations) will not be tolerated.



8 thoughts on “About

  1. You mention above not tolerating deliberate misrepresentations yet you post to your own blog as a fictional character. Bizarre.

      • Your blog is well written and interesting. Good luck with it. I will not post here. I like to know who I am talking to.

      • Thank you, Phil. For what it’s worth, I am happy to provide any information that doesn’t jeopardize my career or family. As I’m sure you recognize, many of the issues discussed here can get ugly, and unions in particular have a long history of targeting the personal lives of their critics.

  2. The character you have made your avatar did not shrink from those who opposed him. Maybe Varys would serve you better.

    • It’s important to recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses, and for the most part, Robert did that well. However, I would prefer to not meet the same fate as he did. Those solely interested in assassinating my character can find a more willing target elsewhere – this blog will remain about ideas.

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